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New Unused Ullman FiberPath Jib - AP2LT Design
$3995 (incl. shipping)

Optimized for light to medium conditions. Grab this brand-new sail at a discounted price!

According to Ullman: This sail is slightly fuller than the AP design, offering better performance in lower wind ranges. It's also suitable for in-hauling, allowing for tighter upwind angles in light to medium conditions.

The sail is brand new and was part of our recent boat purchase (#98) in Annapolis. Since we race with North sails, we're offering this Ullman sail at a significant discount. Pick it up in Annapolis or get it shipped via FedEx ground anywhere in the U.S. (source)
Ullman Main Sail for Sale
Asking Price: $700 or Best Offer

Elevate your racing experience with our Ullman Main Sail, meticulously crafted for OD/PHRF competitions. With a three-year tenure on the circuit, this sail remains in exceptional condition, embodying the ideal blend of performance and durability. Accompanied by original battens, class royalty tag, and a protective storage bag, it's been rigorously maintained in a climate-controlled environment by the experts at Sailing Inc.’s loft in Cleveland. Don't miss this opportunity to own a piece of sailing excellence.

Interested? Reach out to Paul Uhlir at 440-258-7403 or Tim Roberts at 216-406-7354 for further information.
Quantum Main Sail Available
Asking Price: $700 or Best Offer

Step up your sailing game with our Quantum Main Sail, designed for the discerning racer participating in OD/PHRF series. This sail has been a key component of our racing inventory for three years, showcasing superior performance and resilience. It comes fully equipped with all necessary accessories, including battens, a class royalty tag, and a sail bag, all while being preserved in peak condition within a professionally managed, indoor environment by Sailing Inc.’s expert team in Cleveland. A rare find for serious sailors.

For details, contact Paul Uhlir at 440-258-7403 or Tim Roberts at 216-406-7354 today.
For sale 2022 North spinnaker
North Kite $3,000

2022 North spinnaker, 72sqm used 1 time, dark green and includes bag, like new condition.

Contact: Paul Uhlir-440-258-7403 or Tim Roberts-216-406-7354